Top 3 IRCTC Apps every Traveller must have

As a Traveller, I spend a lot of my time commuting through the train. In this post, I will be sharing Top 3 IRCTC Apps that every traveller must have on their smartphone.

Talking about train travelling, we can categorise it into three

  • Pre-Booking
  • Ticket Booking
  • Inside Train ( while travelling )

I will be suggesting an App which is best in each Category


By referring to Pre-Booking I mean retrieving data related to train booking and availability.

And the best IRCTC app for pre-booking is IXIGO Trains

Features of Ixigo Trains

  1. Seat Availability
  2. PNR Status
  3. PNR Predictions
  4. PNR status change Alert
  5. Train live status
  6. Train Arrival Alert
  7. Train Enquiry
  8. Train Availability
  9. Railway stations
  10. Coach Position
  11. Seat Mapping

For me the features which make this app different from other apps in the market is

  • PNR status alert which alerts me with a notification whenever the status changes.
  • PNR Prediction which let you give an idea of whether there is a chance of confirmation or not.
  • Seat Mapping gives an idea, where my seat is located in the coach.
  • Live Train status helps me track my Train.
  • Very clean user interface and good design

The App is available in Android and Apple store

Ticket Booking

For IRCTC ticket Booking in always prefer to use the official IRCTC App itself. Earlier the app had so many bugs and glitches but now it’s the best mode to Book your ticket online. The latest design and UI is super awesome. It let you book your tickets in very few clicks.

Features of IRCTC App

  1. Hassle free Ticket booking
  2. Check Seat Availability
  3. Multiple payment gateways
  4. Save ticket offline
  5. Website synced
  6. Auto Input details once booked
  7. Option to book food while travelling.

You can download the App from here. Currently, it is available only for Android.

Inside Train

When we are travelling in train the major issue is cell network connectivity & Battery. What if I suggest you an app which works absolutely OFFLINE. I’m talking about “Where is My Train “. An excellent app that tracks your train offline. By offline I mean not even it uses your GPS. “Where is my Train” tracks your train using the cellular network.

Features of Where is my Train

  • It is very helpful during the night to track where your train reached.
  • Very helpful when you are in the top berth. You just have to grab your mobile out of your pocket and check where your train reached
  • Seat mapping & Coach position
  • Clean & Easy UI
  • Battery Efficient

You can download the App from here. This App is Currently available only for Android.

So these are the top 3 IRCTC apps very Traveller must have. I hope this article served helpful to you.


To know more how to use the above apps, Watch the video :

Press the play button to watch the video. If you are unable to watch the video, then watch on youtube.

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