Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Palakkad | Kerala

Parambikulam is the second Tiger Reserve in Kerala after the famous Periyar Tiger Reserve. It is the most protected forests stretches in the Western Ghats which lies in the Nelliyampathy-Anamalai forest area of Western Ghat.

Grass Land Forest in Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is located in Palghat District of Kerala, but the entrance to the reserve is through Tamil Nadu.

Yes ! the Entrance to Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is through Anamalai Tiger Reserve in Pollachi District of Tamil Nadu.

Ticket Fare
Person             Rs 30
LMV Rs 100
HV Rs 200
Still Camera Rs 80
Video Camera Rs 300
Van Rs 150

From Anamalai Tiger Reserve there is a ride of 30 Km through the dense forest to reach Parambikulam. The Drive through the forest is an amazing experience, the lush green forest & the numerous hairpin bends turns the ride even more fun.

View from the Entrance of Parambikulam

The Entrance of Parambikulam is Beautifully decorated in the form of a Tree Arch with a Tiger on Top. This is where we need to Buy Entry tickets for Jungle safari and other activities.

On Entering the first thing we see is the Vengoli cafe on the right, which is the only restaurant available nearby. so it is always better to have your meal here. Vengoli Cafe serves both Veg and Non-Veg Food and it is quite decent.

Jungle Safari in Parambikulam

Deer at Parambikulam, Credit: Shankar Aazhimala

The main activity here is the Jungle safari into the dense Parambikulam Jungle. Only Bus and Vans with a mandatory guide is allowed to go for jungle safari.

Indian Bison, Credit: Shankar Aazhimala

Parambikulam sanctuary is home to 36-40 Tigers, and about 39 species of mammals, 61 species of reptiles, 47 species of fishes,16 species of amphibian, over 1000 species of insects and 124 species of butterflies have been in reported from the region.

Watch the video below to know what happens in the Exciting Jungle safari.

Jungle Safari Package Details

Check-in : 07:00 Check Out : 18:00

For Indian For Foreigners
Week Days 200 200
Holidays 200 200
Extra per head 0 0

Package Include :

Break Fast, Lunch, Information centre, Drinking Water, Toilet, Dinner, tea and snacks, Shopping facility.

For more details visit

Peacock in Parambikulam, Credit: Shankar Aazhimala

After a day-long Jungle Safari, we were tired and halted at the Hornbill Dormitory.

Other Stay Option available are

  • Tented Niche
  • Honey Comp (A/C)
  • Treetop Hut, Thunakadavu
  • Treetop Hut, Parambikulam
  • Veettikunnu Island
  • Bear hut
  • Peruvari Island Nest

This Cost Ranges from Rs 2000/- to Rs 4000/- per night.

Trekking In Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Trekking in Parambikulam, Credit: Siju Bava

Since we were a part of Nature Club Program we got a special privilege to stay and Trek into Parambikulam Jungle. You can also book for Nature Club Program at

There are three Trekking Package Available at Parambikulam

  • Bearpath Trekking Trial/headTrekking
  • Elephant Song Trekking Trial/headTrekking
  • Pugmark Trekking Trial/ headTrekking

watch the video to know more about the trekking Experience at Parambikulam.


For Booking:+919442201690, +919442201691



How to Reach

Nearby Railway Station

  • Coimbatore Junction (85 km)
  • Palakkad Junction (100 km)
  • Pollachi (54 km)


  • Coimbatore airport (100 Km)


  • KSRTC Bus Service to Parambikulam is available.


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