I Quit My Corporate Job to Travel Full Time

It’s been more than a year, I have been wandering after quitting my job. Thanks to the Travel bug that bit me. I found life in the sun peeking out of the clouds in the morning, walking barefoot in nature, watching the pristine waves sitting on a seashore and a bath in the majestic waterfall. Travelling on a local bus window seat to diving underwater, Trekking through dangerous caves to riding along misty hills, tasting the authentic Kerala meals to trying out the spicy Saoji cuisines of Nagpur a year-long journey continues.

Scuba Diving , Tap the image to Know more

It all started when I was young. Being an Air Force Brat I was fortunate enough to travel around with my family . Every 3 years my Dad get transferred to a new location and I was introduced to a new world to explore. To be exact, I studied in 5 schools, in 5 different states of India. Maybe that had lit a flame of a traveller in me.

Down the line after my Graduation, I was placed in an MNC in Goa.

Yes, GOA !! What else a Travel freak like me can ask for.

Working there, I realized that it’s not my cup of tea. I’m not a kind of guy who could settle in a 9-5 job constrained in a cubicle space.

After a long and tiring debate with myself, I finally decided to follow my heart. I quit my job and decided to travel and follow my passion for film-making.

On February 2017, I bid adieu to my colleagues. It was a bit difficult in the beginning, but definitely a soul-satisfying one.

To Travel, Explore and discover this Beautiful land and to share my experience with my fellow earthlings.

That’s how I started this Journey.

Since travelling was my mainstream I decided to move to a new city. Travel around that city, work there and when I’ve explored enough in that place, I switch to some other place. Work there to manage my finances, travel and explore around, taste new cuisines and fill my bucket of experiences. 

I found YouTube as one of the best places to showcase my talent. On Feb 2017, I created a Youtube Channel ” Tech Know Travel “. (Which is now rebranded as “Ebin Philip” )

And till date I’m travelling around the country, exploring new places, culture, food, stories and capturing it into my camera and showcasing it to the world.

This has been a journey where I found places, experiences and Most Importantly – Myself.

Here is a zest of my journey of the year 2017 in a short 3 Minutes Video. Hope you will Like it


At Preset I have two Youtube Channels. One my main Channel Ebin Philip and the other one Ebin Vlogs where I create videos in Malayalam.


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