How to Make Money Blogging in 2021 ( in-depth Guide )

In 2021, Blogging has now turned out to be a profitable online profession. A few years back, blogging was considered just as a hobby which people used to do along with their full-time job.

But now blogging has evolved so much that it has endless opportunities and it can be considered as a full-time job. To mention the best example we have Harsh Agarwal from Shoutmeloud who earns $40,000/ month.

Harsh is one such example. In today’s time, we can also start a profitable blog in less than 10 minutes. All you have to do is to create an account on Bluehost where you get a free domain name and it Automatically installs WordPress for you.

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what are the different ways to make money by blogging

Depending upon the niche and level of blogging, a blog can be monetised with several methods.  I’m listing a few below. You can choose whichever best suits you.

  1. Displaying Ads on the blog ( Google Adsense, )
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling Digital Products
  4. Online Course
  5. Offering services related to your skills
  6. Sponsored post

So, instead of just going for the traditional way of displaying ads and making money we need to dig deeper to create a more creative way to monetise our blog.

1.Displaying Ads on the blog

The most traditional and the most used method of monetising a blog is by displaying ads. These are the two ad networks that are simple to set up and are widely used

  • Google Adsense

Once you get approved by these ad network ads automatically show up based on the context of the topic on which the article is based or to the audience interest. Since this gives a recurring income most of the new blogs prefer it.

2. Affiliate Marketing 

One of the best way to monetise through your blog s by affiliate marketing because one sale will make you far better money than a single click on a display ad.

These days most bloggers prefer to go for the affiliate market because this has turned to be the most profitable avenue to make money through a blog.

Below are a few Trustworthy Affiliate marketing Marketplace you can join

  1. Amazon affiliate
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Flipkart
  4. Deal Guardian
  5. Commission Junction
  6. ShareASale
  7. Awin
  8. Impact radius

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you actually don’t need a website to earn. you can Leverage your social media platform to share your unique affiliate link of the product to your audience when they buy you will end up earning a commission of the sales.

You can very well see YouTubers asking you to check the links in the description to check the product they are using. Once you buy from their link they get a small commission from the sales.

There are a lot of bloggers and vlogger ( Youtubers  ), who makes huge money every year by affiliate marketing.

If you like to learn more about the advanced level of affiliate marketing and building passive income, then you much check Pat Flynn


3. Selling Digital products like Ebook, Presets.


If you look at the top bloggers, Most of them sell their digital products most of the time.

Digital products can be Ebooks, Presets, LUTs, Fonts etc. It can be anything in a digital format.  You need to figure out what’s best for you.

if you are planning for an ebook. Pick the best Topic from your niche. compile them into an ebook and you can sell them on your blog or Amazon.

If you are a photographer then you can sell your Preset.

I have my specially designed Lightroom presets for travel photography. You can check them here.

Having your own product to sell is the best way you can generate passive income.


4.  Launching your Online Course 


Can you convert your knowledge into Video Format? If yes, then this is the best choice you can adopt.

Launching an online course is a lot simpler now. if you are creating a unique course then you may even earn millions.

You can use the below-teaching Platform to host and sell your Course which you can further integrate with your Blog.

  • Teachable
  • Thinkific
  • Kajabi
  • Learn Dash

5. Offering services related to your skills

Depending on what you are good at you can offer different services like social media management, Content writing, graphic designing, Video editing and so on.

I do Social media management, Video Production strategy and graphic design for several Companies, native and overseas clients. All you need is to create a page on your blog that lists the service you offer.

Offering your service not only make you money but also publishes your skill sets.


6. Sponsored Post

Since Influencer marketing has grown to a whole new level, brands are searching for Micro-Influencer to promote their product.

This way they can promote their product to the focussed audience and they only have to spend merely 5-10% of what they are spending on traditional advertisement.


Hope this was helpful.




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