Exploring India | The Beginning of my Journey

Exploring India is a trip across India Visiting some of the prominent Cities of India like Haridwar, Mussoorie, Delhi, Agra and Nagpur.

I started my journey on April 7th, 2017 from Kollam to New Delhi. On my way, my friend Shashank will be adjoining me from New Delhi and will be travelling together to Haridwar.

Since it was a budget trip, I choose Train as my mode of Transportation. I booked my tickets from IRCTC’s official App. More than IRCTC website I prefer to use the app for faster booking of Tickets.
The Journey was 3 long Days.
My Train Caught Fire
In between the journey somewhere near Mathura, I felt something uneasy. Our Compartment was fully smoke filled and everyone started suffocating. In a while, we get to know that our train caught Fire. All Chaos Started, people started running here and there and all of sudden a panic situation created.
I didn’t wait for another thought, Grabbed the Alarm chain and pulled it. The train stopped & everyone got down and tried diffusing the fire. Fortunately and by God’s grace nothing bad happened.
After 15 minutes of wait, our train started and continued our journey but at a snail’s pace. This instance made us almost 2 hrs late and it was almost impossible for me to catch my next train to Haridwar.
The time was 12:25 pm in noon and by 12:30 Jan Shatabdi my next train to Haridwar will be leaving.
Still, my train was continuing its pace of a snail. And for the second time luck favoured me. Kerala Express finally anyhow manage to reach by 12:29 at New Delhi just a min before my next train starts.
Humayun Tomb
Now another Big Problem !!!!
I landed on Platform no. 3 and Jan Shatabdi was on Platform 11. If I missed my train, the next train to Haridwar will only be on next day morning and I really don’t want to miss my train.
I ran holding all my luggage from Platform 3 to platform 11 and by the time the train has already started off and the last compartment was just passing by me, I ran faster. Pumped up all my adrenaline

I used all my energy & threw my luggage into the train & jumped into the train.

For a second, I thought I would miss the train but luckily I boarded & grabbed my seat on Jan Shatabdi and was ready for another journey.

New Delhi – Haridwar

Jan Shatabdi is Chair Cars. So I had to Travel next 6-8 Hours Sitting. I grabbed a cup of tea & released a sigh of relief. By the time we met. Shashank had already boarded the train. And we continued our journey together. By 8:30 pm we reached Haridwar. I was too tired experiencing the unexpected experience I faced today. I will never forget this day in my Life.

The Next Morning I set out to visit the Sacred land of Haridwar. Read More

Watch the Exploring India trailer video

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