Adventure Waterfall Trekking in Kerala

How about trekking Uphill a Heavily Flowing Waterfall?

What if I say That too in rain !!!

What about a 4×4 Off roading Jeep ride in a dense forest?

Yes! This is a story of an adventure monsoon trip.

Kerala and its Monsoon always fascinated me with its beauty. Since I was in Kerala for the next 2 months, I had overheard an adventure trip is organized by Sanchari Kollam Unit ( Its a Travelers Group in Kerala). As the speciality of the trip is that, everything about the trip is kept secret until we reach there.

All that they mentioned was its an Adventure trip. What better word can compel me than ” adventure”. I had already gone for several trips with Sanchari, so I was pretty confident that they won’t disappoint.

I didn’t gave a second thought, grabbed my mobile and made the payment and was all set to experience the trill.

By Evening the traveller van was ready to pick all of us.

Yeah! When I reached there, I realized we are 30 travellers who are going to share the adventure trill together.

Within no time the 1st spoiler was out. We are going to Nilambur in Malabar District of Kerala.

So, within no time we started our journey.

By 5 in the morning, we reached Nilambur. We had our breakfast and by then our tour guide reveals the 2nd Secret :

” We are going for Trekking! “

It’s Raining heavily and he said we are going to trek. Maaann!! It’s time to do some dirty Adventure this time ????. I was pumped up.

We were split into 2 Jeep & 2 SUVs to take us to the desired location. it was about 6-7 km from the hotel we stayed in. We were still unaware of the location.

The views and the green lush pathway to our destination were exciting. Anyway a half an hour ride took us to a hilltop.

Our guide gathered all of us together and informed us that this is a tribal area, inside Nilambur forest.

So, we as outsiders, have to be very decent and should be disciplined while carrying out our trekking. We are not supposed to make any nuisance that can anyway harm the community and moreover we are not supposed to litter.

And at last he mentioned if anything happens to anyone there is no hospital nearby, So we need to be very Cautious!!

Uffff !! at first we were bit tensed by the instructions, but as we moved towards our trekking spot, all we could see was the fun we are going to have.

And the second last Secret is reviled !! We were at Oli Waterfall!


The location was so beautiful and tranquil. Within no time our guide said ” we are climbing uphill of this heavily flowing waterfall. ”

and everyone was like ” Dude are we seriously going to do this ?”.

Everyone looked at each other and said let’s do this…

It started by crossing a small river.

It was super fun but within no time, it started raining heavily and the actual fun Started.

The difficulty level rose to 3 level up.

Rest is all Adventure and it is worth watching. So, I had made a video of our Super Adventurous Trekking Oli waterfall in extreme rainy Condition.

After watching the video you can judge how risky and adventurous was the trekking.

By the Way, this wasn’t the End of the Day. After This 4 Hours Long Trek we came back to have some tasty Chicken Biriyani to compensate the Energy we burst while trekking.

After having the Biriyani before we even Burp, our guide said, ” We are going for an Off Road ride. Get ride by 30 Minutes”.

Yeah! this is what an adventure trip actually is, I Yelled !!.

Within Half an hour we were all set to experience the next adventure.

We were taken to our next destination, Adiyanpara Dam. This time we were a bit confused because the location does seems like an off-road location.

later we knew this was just a warmup location. We were taken to a location 2 Km interior to Nilambur Forest for the Off-Road Experience.

We were split into 3 Jeep and the next adventure starts here.

Of course! Video is the perfect medium to experience Adventure.

Checkout the below video to watch the off-road experience we had.

Yeah! we met with an accident. You already know watching the video what lead us to this Unexpected accident.

Being Optimistic these all are part of the game. but the fun and adventurous experience we had was priceless.

Holding all those memories intact we move towards our homestay. And this was the End of an amazing Adventure Trip

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